Welcome to the website of Himmerlandske Bier (Bees of Himmerland)


I have been a beekeeper since 1995 and a queen breeder since 1998. I run a fulltime queen breeding business and employs skilled seasonal help during the busy summer season.

My beekeeping consists of 700 colonies, of which 200 colonies are headed by island mated queens, for the breeding and selection of breeder queens.

The core of my beekeeping is an extensive queen breeding business, with an equivalent production of queens for sale.

Our breeding strategy is based on the Buckfast methology, adapted to nowadays environment and possibilities in relation to access to new genetic material.



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I strive to produce excellent queens, which possesses the following favourable characteristics:

•    Resistance to disease
•    Low swarming tendency
•    Good honey gathering ability
•    Good temperament
•    Calm behaviour on the comb

Low time consumption on the management per hive is a prerequisite in our operation.